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IFCO RPC Mini Series More Efficient Fresh Food Transport Option

IFCO RPC mini series

IFCO Systems, one of the leading suppliers of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPC) just released its new RPC Mini Series. The company says this line of RPC will provide the market with the smallest reusable containers for the transportation of fresh food, allowing retailers, growers and supplies to efficiently use space when transporting food. IFCO crates

“With our RPC Mini Series, we offer our customers future-oriented reusable packaging. The consumption of convenience food and healthy snacks prepared for immediate consumption will continue to increase in the coming years,” said Wolfgang Orgeldinger, CEO for IFCO. The North American headquarters for the company is in Tampa, Florida.

A new size of RPC was designed to meet changing customer needs, according to the company, with more consumers are buying healthy snacks prepared for immediate consumption, such as sandwiches, ready-to-eat salads, carrot sticks or apple slices. Due to the special shape of these products, for example triangular packaging for sandwiches, a lot of unused space remains during transport in conventional returnable packaging.

However, these new containers are a quarter of the size of conventional RPC, which increases the transportation volume by one third per pallet compared to the use of conventional reusable containers.

The RPC Mini Series is well-ventilated to keep food fresh, while being stable and sustainable. RPC are cleaned and disinfected after use and then put back into circulation. In addition, IFCO repairs damaged RPC, allowing them to be reused up to 100 times before they’re granulated and used to make new, reusable plastic containers.

IFCO is a global provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh foods, serving customers in 50-plus countries. IFCO operates a pool of more than 314 million RPC globally, which are used for over 1.7 billion shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, bread and other items from suppliers to grocery retailers every year. IFCO’s RPC ensure a better fresh food supply chain by protecting freshness and quality and lowering costs, food waste and environmental impact compared to single-use packaging.

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