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Mood Media Launches CleanShield Solutions Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Mood Media CleanShield

Austin, Texas-based Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company, has introduced a new suite of sophisticated germicidal protection and advanced cleaning offerings called CleanShield Solutions.

The company has partnered with sanitization manufacturers, such as Puro UV Disinfection Lighting, ACT.Global, Healthe, Vital Vio and CrimsonAV to offer businesses cleaning products, where it be retail, hospitality, restaurants/QSR, healthcare, entertainment and more.

“As businesses begin to reopen in a post-COVID-19 world, safety and assurance have become critical factors when thinking about the customer experience holistically,” said David Hoodis, Mood Media’s CEO. “Mood is in a unique position to help businesses across industries because of our history in elevating customer experiences in numerous client categories and our large size and scale. Not only are our CleanShield Solutions a powerful way to sanitize a business environment, but when customers, guests, patients and employees know that businesses are leveraging this technology to maximize their safety, it establishes a higher level of trust and comfort that reflects positively on those brands and ultimately contributes to the overall quality of the customer experience.”


New products

Below is a list of the new CleanShield products:

  • Disinfectant/Antimicrobial Coating Solutions: Triggered by normal light waves and highly activated by LED and UV light, these state-of-the-art coating solutions – including TiO2 applications – contain a novel compound that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces and provides a protective shield against germs, viruses and bacteria that remains effective for up to 12 months. These solutions allow businesses to reduce spend and frequency of traditional disinfectant cleaning services.
  • Electrochemically Activated Spraying Solutions: Electrochemical activation creates charged disinfectant micro-particles that efficiently disinfect surfaces to create a pristine baseline to implement all solutions and provide effective and safe daily cleaning. This offering replaces a wide range of traditional toxic chemicals with a single solution that is more effective than bleach but safer for people and the environment, reducing plastic and water usage along with lowering cleaning times and saving money.
  • UV Light Disinfection and Germ Mitigation Solutions on Surfaces and in the Air: UV light inactivates dangerous microbes by destroying their ability to reproduce. These solutions help prevent the spread of bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, and more, and they include controlled and continuous options. As a result of Mood’s best-in-class partnerships, product options include the use of powerful, broad-spectrum UV light, with germicidal UV-C, UV-B and anti-bacterial UV-A to optimize their germ-killing efficiency – killing up to 99.9 percent of pathogens when applied where people gather. Mood’s UV Light offerings also include a Far-UVC light solution – a specific spectrum of UV lighting that attacks airborne-mediated and surface microbes and is safe for human exposure, offering continuous protection in a wide range of applications.
  • Antimicrobial LED Continuous Protection Solutions: Antimicrobial LED lighting continuously creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria, fungi, yeast and mold to grow and spread on surfaces. These LED lights meet international standards for continuous and unrestricted use around people and animals.
  • Health Monitoring Systems: These systems help ensure the safety of employees and customers with point-of-entry screening, which come with a wide variety of options for businesses. Fostering greater brand trust with a fast, easy and non-intrusive experience, applications include contactless temperature scanning, hand sanitization stations, branded content messaging, real-time tracking software, preventative maintenance programs, mobile app options, light-embedding design for custom applications and more.

“It’s never been more important for consumer-facing businesses to place top priority on their cleanliness and safety standards, and our new CleanShield Solutions hit at the very heart of that,” said Chris Chuilli, SVP at Mood Media. “Particularly in this ‘new’ normal, these standards are integral in developing a positive customer experience foundation – with consumers around the world now viewing these as top considerations when deciding where to shop, where to eat, where to be entertained, where to seek healthcare services, where to gather safely and how to travel.”

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