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CAC, Artisan Chefs Celebrating California Avocado Month

CAC California Avocado Month
Deviled California avocado by Chef Brad Cecchi of Canon. (Photo: Business Wire)

In celebration of California Avocado Month in June, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) has teamed up with award-winning chefs from California, Arizona and Colorado. Each has predicted avocado trends that will leave a lasting impact – along with unique recipes that everyone can recreate at home.

CAC flatbread
Grilled flatbread with herbed California avocado hummus, carrots and pickled shallots by Chef Caroline Glover of Annette. (Photo: Business Wire)

California Avocado Month marks the peak of California avocado season, where the fruit will be at its highest availability and freshness. To take advantage of the season’s offerings, CAC has called on four chefs – Chef Jordan Khan of Vespertine in Los Angeles, Chef Caroline Glover of Annette in Denver, Chef Brad Cecchi of Canon in Sacramento and Chef Charleen Badman of FnB Restaurant in Scottsdale to weigh in with their diverse perspectives on the next avocado trend.

“Year after year we look forward to June for California Avocado Month and the abundance of produce that’s offered right in our region.” said Jan DeLyser, VP of marketing for the CAC. “While this year’s California Avocado Month will likely see more people cooking at home, we’re excited to be working with a great group of talented chefs whose unique culinary styles will help us introduce a new repertoire of avocado-focused dishes to our consumers.”

Each chef tapped into their individual expertise, observations from their distinct audiences and styles to predict the avocado trends that will have staying power:

  • Cold smoked avocado;
  • Grilled avocados; and
  • Inside-out avocado toast.


Chefs share ideas

Combining balanced but contrasting flavor profiles, Kahn – known for his enigmatic creations – spoke to his avocado trend prediction, sharing that “the cold smoking technique introduces a complex, smoky flavor that transforms the avocado without actually cooking it, allowing the diner to experience the fruit’s true texture.”

Glover predicts that grilled avocados soon will be on the rise, emphasizing the technique just in time for summer. “At my restaurant, our mission is to honor food producers and nourish eaters,” said Glover. “When incorporating fresh California avocados into my recipes, I take pride in knowing that I’m honoring a fruit that was cultivated by a California grower with the same dedication to quality and freshness as me.”

For an elevated twist on an all-time favorite, Cecchi turns the avocado toast inside out.

“Avocado toast will always be a staple dish, but we really wanted to showcase the shape and texture of the California avocado in its entirety, keeping both avocado halves perfectly intact and stuffing them with breadcrumbs and your favorite toppings,” he said.

California avocado, hearts of palm and grapefruit salad with seared white fish by Chef Charleen Badman of FnB Restaurant. (Photo: Business Wire)

Cecchi has a passion for Northern California growers and artisans, making California avocados a consistent pick for his seasonal fare.

Working with local ingredients of the season, Badman has predicted that avocados inevitably take center stage when combining and contrasting flavor profiles.

“Personally, I love pairing citrus and acid with creamy good fats, like California avocados,” she said. “And with my roots in Southern California, I’ve always committed to using ingredients that are grown close to home.”

Looking beyond the June celebration, fresh California avocados can last for up to a month when preserved properly in the freezer. California avocados are a heart-healthy superfood and contribute naturally good fats to one’s diet.

At-home chefs and California avocado fans can find these avocado trends, corresponding recipes, preservation tips and more at

Created in 1978, the CAC strives to enhance the premium positioning of California avocados through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engages in related industry activities. California avocados are cultivated by more than 3,500 growers in the state.

The CAC unveiled a new ad campaign for this year. See story here.

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