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Chobani Donates All Profits Of New Food Bank Batch To Feeding America

Chobani Food Bank Batch

Norwich, New York-based Chobani, LLC, recently announced that 100 percent of its profits from a new limited-edition charity yogurt flavor – PB&J Food Bank Batch – will be donated to Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks that provides food to people in need.

Since COVID-19 hit the U.S., Chobani has donated and delivered nearly 6.5 million products to food banks, hospital frontline workers, homeless shelters and others who are in need of nutritious food. Sold at retailers nationwide from July through September, Chobani’s PB&J Food Bank Batch serves as another way for the company to give back.

“Since Chobani’s earliest days, we’ve had a close relationship with food banks,” said Peter McGuinness, president of Chobani. “They are beacons of hope and humanity, and they need our help more than ever given their communities need them more than ever. Our new Food Bank Batch is another way we can work together to support local food banks and our friends at Feeding America.”

Chobani’s continued support for Feeding America is critical at this time as the non-profit organization has estimated that an additional 17.1 million Americans could face hunger this year due to coronavirus.

“Food banks are on the ground addressing the increased need for food assistance in their communities,” said Casey Marsh, chief development officer at Feeding America. “We are grateful for Chobani’s commitment to fighting hunger during this unprecedented time. Their generous support helps to provide more meals to children and families in need.”

Food Bank Batch is the latest addition to the company’s Chobani Pantry initiative, designed to support local food banks. Further actions included: deployment of rapid response vehicles filled with food and drinks to hospital systems and food banks in rural areas in the U.S.; conversion of Chobani’s New York City café into a temporary food pantry; and participation in the $25 million Nourish New York program, which reroutes surplus agriculture products to the populations that need them most in the state.

For more information on Chobani’s partnership with Feeding America as well as the company’s efforts to end hunger, click here.

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