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Bristol Seafood Invests In Program To Help Entrepreneurs


Portland, Maine-based Bristol Seafood recently announced it opened an office at the New England Ocean Cluster in Portland to provide a workspace dedicated to its founding of a sponsorship to create Inclusion in the Blue Economy, a new program to support underrepresented blue economy entrepreneurs.

This new program supports entrepreneurs with workspace at the NEOC House as well as mentorship opportunities. It is principally focused on women, people of color and individuals from non-marine industries who are passionate about building responsible marine-related businesses.

“Our presence at the New England Ocean Cluster and our sponsorship to support underrepresented entrepreneurs aligns with our mission to make seafood America’s favorite protein,” said Peter Handy, president and CEO at Bristol. “Innovation and inclusion are two essential parts of our culture, and our office at the New England Ocean Cluster and founding sponsorship of Inclusion in the Blue Economy reflect that.”

The NEOC was founded on the beliefs of innovation and collaboration in partnership with the Icelandic Ocean Cluster headquartered in Reykjavik. Its goal is to connect people within the ocean economy by encouraging innovative and sustainable products and business practices.

“Bristol Seafood has been part of the NEOC since its inception in 2015,” said Patrick Arnold, NEOC’s founder and president. “Its focus on sustainability, innovation and growth of the local seafood economy are fundamental for the success of the Blue Economy in New England. I look forward to fostering a space where they and others can continue this important work.”

To learn more about this program, click here.

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