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Wild Leap Adds Lemon Ice To Its Truck Chaser Series

Wild Leap Lemon Ice Truck Chaser

Wild Leap, a LaGrange, Georgia-based craft brewery, has released the latest addition to its Truck Chaser Series. Truck Chaser Lemon Ice combines the flavors of a frozen lemon treat with a big, juicy IPA and has 8.1% ABV.

Truck Chaser Lemon Ice blends fresh lemon, vanilla bean and milk sugar to taste like a frozen lemon Italian ice. Though lighthearted in its appearance, the Truck Chaser Series was created as a salute to Wild Leap Chief Brewing Officer Chris Elliott’s past career in the ice cream industry.

“Because the Truck Chaser Series is such a special series, I’m very particular with the design process,” Elliott said. “After the crew has gathered around and taken a vote on the inspiration for the next release, the ingredient selection process is extremely strategic.”

Truck Chaser Lemon Ice is brewed using puréed lemon and real vanilla bean with added milk sugar to give the beer a creamy sweetness. With a fresh lemon aroma and a hint of vanilla bean, the lemon and citrus hops complement one another while the milk sugar provides the sweetness familiar to a lemonade push pop.

“Like all the Truck Chasers we’ve released, Truck Chaser Lemon Ice has been such a fun process,” said Wild Leap CMO Rob Goldstein. “From the first team meeting where we discuss novelty ice cream treats we all remember buying, to the can packaging, there’s never a dull moment with a Truck Chaser release.”

Truck Chaser Lemon Ice is available for sale now at retailers throughout Georgia.

Like many Wild Leap beers, Truck Chaser Lemon Ice will be available for a limited time.

Wild Leap was named America’s Best New Brewery of 2019 by USA Today.

The brewey launched a fundraising initiative on March 26 in support of service industry workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. See story, here.

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