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Good Foods Named Food Processing’s R&D Team Of Year

Good Foods R&D team

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin-based Good Foods, a maker of plant-based dips and good-for-you products, has been named Food Processing’s 2020 R&D Team of the Year in the medium-size category.

Katie Schmits, director of innovation for R&D at Good Foods, and her team of six have various backgrounds that range from culinary expertise to biology and food science. In the past few years, the team has collaborated to launch various new products, such as the plant-based dip line that includes popular flavors like queso and Buffalo, as well as the salad dressing line, which includes both classic and plant-based options.

“What makes our team so special is that while we have different backgrounds and experiences, we have the same shared mission of providing consumers with simple, safe and delicious products,” said Schmits. “We’re so honored to have our work recognized as Food Processing’s ‘R&D Team of the Year,’ and we look forward to continued innovation and development at Good Foods.”

To create new products and offerings, Good Foods relies heavily on identifying trends, market research and collaborating with customers. The company looks for opportunities to bring value-added products to better meet consumer needs with product development and size variety.

The R&D team meets regularly each week to collaborate, conduct taste tests, troubleshoot and revise new products. Working within the manufacturing plant allows the team access to fresh ingredients and the High Pressure Processing technology that all Good Foods products are sent through to maximize nutrition without adding preservatives.

“Good Foods is driven by innovation,” said Kurt Penn, founder and CEO of Good Foods. “Research and development is integral to the continued growth of our company, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team for receiving this recognition.”

Good Foods provides healthy, all-natural products such as guacamoles, dips, salads and dressings. The brand’s products are packaged using high pressure processing that uses cold water pressure, keeping foods safe and at their peak freshness.

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