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Terra Ingredients Partners With IYA Foods On Initial Launch Of Fonio Flour

Fonio flour

Terra Ingredients, supplier of organic and non-GMO ingredients, has announced a partnership with IYA Foods, a Chicagoland food business known for its taste through the use of authentic, African-inspired flavors.

IYA Foods has launched a new rice flour alternative, fonio flour, made with 100 percent Terra provided fonio from West Africa.

Fonio flour is a plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO flour substitute with a higher nutritional value. Being the smallest seed of all millet species, fonio is an incredibly versatile ancient grain that has been cultivated and consumed for centuries in West Africa.

Terra Ingredients, the only company able to supply the grain at a significant volume and scale, says it is excited to partner with brands like IYA Foods to take the supergrain mainstream.

“At Terra Ingredients, we seek to partner up with dynamic, well-run food companies to introduce fonio to U.S. households while still valuing the origins of the grain and promoting sustainable agriculture,” said Malick Diedhiou, who manages Terra’s brand partnerships. “IYA Foods shares these objectives and works tirelessly to provide innovative, high-quality products to their customers.”

According to Toyin Kolawole, CEO and founder of IYA Foods, the brand started as a labor of love to provide new ways for her family to eat healthy and facilitate positive experiences about different cultures.

“I tapped into my African heritage to find foods that provide great tasting nourishment to individuals looking for healthier options. Given Terra’s unmatched dedication to retaining the nutritional integrity of their ingredients, we are thrilled to partner and offer fonio to American consumers.”

The partnership between IYA Foods and Terra Ingredients will ultimately include the launch of multiple co-branded products. Currently working together to incorporate fonio into all of IYA Food’s standard flours and baking mixes, the duo anticipates reinventing traditional household staples in a familiar and instinctive fashion.

“We look forward to working with IYA Foods on making fonio more widely accessible to health-conscious consumers across the U.S. Terra and IYA share a common goal of creating positive social impact through tasty and nutritious food,” said Diedhiou.

Their fonio flour can be purchased online at Amazon and additional IYA Foods‘ products can be purchased at Walmart and Mariano’s.

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