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Kellogg’s Special K Uses Flavor To Help Fans Beat ‘Blursday’

Special K Blursday

Special K is reaching out to fans who say they have lost track of the days – like it’s Blursday, the 47th of Augtember. Special K partnered with experts at Twitter and @TwitterData to tap into real people’s conversations and discover which flavors Americans are talking about and when.

These discussions inspired Special K to match flavors fans want to the days they might just want them:

Monday: Special K Chocolatey Delight 

Tuesday: Special K Red Berries 

Wednesday: Special K Blueberry with Lemon Clusters 

Thursday: Special K Banana 

Friday: Special K Raspberry 

Saturday: Special K Fruit & Yogurt 

Sunday: Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Protein 

Kellogg’s Special K Uses Flavor To Help Fans Beat ‘Blursday’
Whitney Port enjoys her Blursday Kit from Special K.

Inspired by these Twitter conversations, Special K devised an idea to help Americans discern the days in different ways – and the Special K Blursday Go-Away kit was born. The kits include tools to keep you on track with:

  • Flave-of-the-Day Socks including seven pairs, each labeled with the day and decorated with designs inspired by that day’s desired flavor.     
  • Flavors You’re Feeling Weekly Planner that breaks out each week with cereal and a you’ve-got-this attitude. 
  • Seven flavors of Special K to help fuel you through the fog of even the blurriest, and busiest, of weeks.

Whitney Port, a star who made her career navigating the blurriness of real life and reality television, is already a huge fan of the Special K Blursday Go-Away Kit and putting it to good use. 

“Wearing so many hats as a mom, entrepreneur and designer creates a chaotic schedule and makes the days seem to blur together,” Port said. “Special K has these adorable flave-of-day socks that help me keep my days straight. Monday is my personal fave…Chocolatey Delight!”

Now, Special K offers fans everywhere the chance to win their very own Special K Blursday Go-Away Kit, complete with everything you need to fight those “wait, what day is it?” woes. Visit for the details and enter for a chance to win. At the end (Oct. 4 at 11:59:59 p.m.) of the entry period, 700 winners will be randomly selected and receive their very own Special K Blursday Go-Away kit.

“The Special K team is no stranger to Blursday, because we’re living it in our own homes, too. So, we wanted to create something truly useful – and of course, delicious – for Special K’s biggest fans,” said Cindy Huntington, brand director at Kellogg Company. “While the concept of specific days of the week may seem totally made up right now, we want to help our real fans taste their way back to reality. Because just like how you can’t fake delicious, Special K believes you shouldn’t have to fake knowing what day it is.”

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