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Ka-Pop Snacks Unveils New Updated Look And Packaging


Ka-Pop! Snacks, the makers of sorghum-based chips and puffs, has released new packaging. The new look reflects the company’s continued commitment to healthy eating, a clean label and the joy of snacking for all.

“As the only 100 percent sorghum chip on the market, we’ve always wanted to emphasize this super grain’s power through our superhero-themed branding. This revamp is much more than changing a few colors and copy; it’s about breaking through at shelf and better telling our incredible taste and health stories. We want to disrupt the category with our unbelievably delicious chips and puffs. The new packaging reinforces our belief that healthy snacks don’t have to be boring,” said Dustin Finkel, founder and CEO of Ka-Pop! Snacks.

“Too often, snack brands in the natural set come across as serious and raise questions around taste. In conventional snacking, it’s always a party, but junk food abounds. Ka-Pop! Snacks has challenged both categories through junkless products with all the taste and joy of snacking,” said Andy Yates, creative director of Stone Strategy and Design, the design agency behind the new packaging. “We wanted to create a design system that celebrated their competitive advantage to truly be the best of both worlds. This design invites consumers to indulge fearlessly through bright colors, explosive flavor and a clear promise.” 

Following the Erie, Colorado-based company’s appearance on ABC’s television show Shark Tank earlier this year, and the launch of its puffs platform, the brand has seen exponential expansion across all channels. To ensure success in new conventional retail locations, the brand has invested in packaging design to drive continued velocity acceleration despite the pandemic’s impact on how consumers are shopping in-store. 

The new packaging can be found on shelves in select Kroger and Wegmans stores starting in November and is starting to ship now on Amazon and

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