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Rosie Offers Meal Solutions For The Holidays And Beyond

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Over this past year, Americans have weathered an ever-changing economic and public health crisis. At times like these, when we are all craving a little bit of “normal,” we find comfort in beloved traditions and trusted routines. Whether it’s coming together around the dinner table or finding new ways to make a birthday feel special at home, families are looking for opportunities to create memories around food. And as the holidays approach, many are wondering how to adapt safely while preserving traditions. Rosie logo

Retailers like you have an incredible opportunity to meet a great need. It can be difficult for busy families balancing work and school to find time to prepare these meals. How can your business step up? In a word: Cater. From fresh-and-ready mains and side dishes to elegant meat-and-cheese platters, prepared meal solutions allow families to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with loved ones.

Catering isn’t just about food, it’s about service and the opportunity to showcase style and design while fulfilling a need for both you and your shoppers. At Rosie, we believe curating at-home family meals will give your business a competitive edge. Meal solutions deliver value to your shoppers, encourage loyalty and retention, and offer something distinct to your business that big-name retailers lack: a connection to the community. Think local, regional options that shoppers can’t find anywhere else. No longer just the local independent grocer, you’re playing a role in building quality time for families and communities.

These reasons don’t even take into account the revenue boost catering offers. Consider your increased profit margins and basket sizes when shoppers place an order for a $30 appetizer platter alongside their regular grocery items. Expand your hot-and-ready options and become the one-stop-shop customers can depend on for dinner that evening, their weekly pantry staples and holiday and special occasion meals in the future.

To maximize your meal solutions program and get yourself on the right track to grow online catering orders, follow this simple checklist:

  • Take professional, mouthwatering photos of each food item you’re offering. These photos should accurately reflect what customers can expect from the dish and look good enough to eat!
  • Craft descriptions to accompany the photos that will entice your customers. In addition to describing how delicious each dish is, make sure to include serving size, allergy information and any available customizations or substitutions.
  • Identify complementary products to sell alongside your catering offering. Someone ordering a dozen cupcakes? Suggest napkins, plates, cutlery and beverages to go along with them!
  • Make sure you loop your catering director in early. That way you can ensure your program runs smoothly and your customers are satisfied.

No more calling in to place an order or having a staff member cover the phones. Rosie’s latest feature, Cater, streamlines the shopping and ordering process, saving both you and your customers time and energy. Shoppers can easily browse the options, add items to their cart and check out all in one place without the usual back-and-forth with your catering director. Cater makes placing orders simple and stress-free by providing customers the option to do everything online.

With the holidays fast approaching, there is no better time to evaluate your prepared food and cater options. With more families staying home, there’s no doubt they’ll welcome an opportunity to put down the pots and pans, kick back and let somebody else figure out what’s for dinner.

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