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Ferrara Introduces New Products For Holiday Season

Ferrara memories

As the holidays approach, Ferrara introduces new seasonal candies and cookies that tap familiar holiday memories and create new experiences, especially as families spend more time at home. Ferrara is offering twists on classics like Nerds Candy Canes, Brach’s Giant Candy Canes, SweeTarts Twisted Holiday Punch Ropes, Keebler Fudge Stripes Mini Wreaths, along with Mother’s Reindeer Games Circus Animal Cookies. New takes on holiday traditions include The Elf on the Shelf Fruit-flavored Snacks and Keebler’s Make-a-Wreath Cookie Decorating Kit.


Candy canes

As the top producer of candy canes, this year Ferrara introduces new larger than life varieties, available on store shelves now: Brach’s new giant-sized peppermint candy canes, made with real peppermint, and Nerds Giant Candy Canes, featuring the favorite flavor combination of Nerds Tangy Grape and Strawberry. 

An national offering is standard-size Nerds Tangy Candy Canes in tart mashups of Watermelon and Cherry, Strawberry and Grape, and Blue Raspberry and Tropical Punch – all in one pack. Nerds Tangy Candy Canes unique wraps feature bold, colorful images of Nerds’ characters. 


Holiday favorites return

Ferrara’s returning holiday staples include SweeTarts Candy Canes, Brach’s Red & White Peppermint Candy Canes and Brach’s Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes – colorful treats for snacking, baking and decorating as well as adorning holiday trees, gingerbread houses and special gifts.

“Holidays bring back the best memories, so as the category leader in holiday sugar confections, across all seasons, we want to remind everyone of the seasonal staples they grew up with and have come to know and love, such as Brach’s Cherry Rainbow Candy Canes,” said Mariah Havens, director of seasonal confections at Ferrara Candy Co. “However, we continue to introduce new, innovative takes on hot brands and perennial favorites – like Nerds Tangy Candy Canes – that everyone has come to expect from Ferrara.


Holiday twists on popular treats

Ferrara also introduces festive-themed takes on more candy favorites. SweeTarts Ropes get a first-ever holiday interpretation with SweeTarts Twisted Holiday Punch Ropes – fruit-flavored red and green ropes with a chewy licorice shell, surrounding a soft, white, fruity center. Additionally, The Elf on the Shelf holiday favorite is now available in a fruit-flavored snack variety. These snacks are offered in six flavors and colorful holiday shapes.


Holiday cookies 

Ferrara introduces new cookie varieties that can be enjoyed at virtual holiday soirees. Introducing Keebler Make-a-Wreath Cookie Decorating Kit, the first-ever DIY cookie kit from Keebler, comprised of unadorned cookies – without the signature stripes on top, but with fudge on the bottom – along with green frosting and an assortment of favorite candies for decorating each cookie (Frosty Nerds in red, white and green holiday colors; Chewy Lemonhead Redrific and Sprees). Additionally, Keebler introduces a holiday-inspired cookie offering with new Keebler Fudge Stripes Minis Wreaths – mini shortbread cookies covered with green fudge.

Mother’s Circus Animal Reindeer Games Cookies are made with vanilla-flavored shortbread cookies shaped as reindeer and covered with green and white icing and nonpareil sprinkles.


Baking with Brach’s

Lastly, as families celebrate new and old traditions while baking at home, Brach’s makes these memories even sweeter with Brach’s Milk Chocolate Stars, Brach’s Spicy Cinnamon Imperials and Brach’s  Peppermint Crushed Canes. Brach’s assortment of candy embellishments may be used for decorating holiday cookies, gingerbread houses, and ready-made desserts. 

Ferrara is related to The Ferrero Group. Headquartered in Chicago, Ferrara has an operational network of 20 locations in North America that includes manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities.

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