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Gelson’s Markets Launches GetUpside To Reach New Customers

Gelsons GetUpside

Gelson’s Markets has partnered with GetUpside to make cash back offers available to shoppers at its California locations.

“Gelson’s prides itself on providing best-in-class products and experiences for shoppers,” said Yvonne Manganaro, Gelson’s VP of marketing. “We’ve partnered with GetUpside to continue this commitment and provide cashback offers that are personalized and highly incremental to our business. Their model moves beyond tracking clicks or impressions and gives us insight into our customers that drive measurable results.”

The mobile app that delivers these cashback offers is easy-to-use and consistently ranked in the top-10 on both the App Store and GooglePlay. Though the user interface is simple, the backend is anything but. GetUpside’s machine learning algorithms quickly comb through the anonymized transaction data grocers already have to understand how customers behave and identify the minimum offer that will motivate them to take additional action. GetUpside specifically targets infrequent, occasional and lapsed customers to improve return rates and increase basket sizes.

“Gelson’s has a history of being on the leading edge of grocery trends and this partnership with GetUpside is another example of that vision,” said GetUpside CEO Alex Kinnier.  “We are proud to help Gelson’s serve their customers in a way that is measurably beneficial for their business.” ‍

Founded in 1951, Gelson’s currently operates 27 full-service specialty grocery stores in Southern California.

GetUpside is a retail technology company that delivers new customers and proven profit to brick-and-mortar businesses. GetUpside’s platform generates personalized incentives that motivate its 26 million users to choose participating businesses over the competition without any required IT work, hardware/software upgrades or changes to operations.

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