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Van’s Kitchen Celebrates Chinese New Year With Cultural Awareness


Van’s Kitchen, an egg roll manufacturer in Dallas, Texas, is celebrating Chinese New Year by promoting education, diversity and inclusion. The annual holiday takes place this year from Feb. 12-26 and marks the Year of the Ox, a symbol of diligence, dependability, strength and determination. In celebration of Asian culture and diversity, Van’s Kitchen is offering promotional materials for retail clients and activities for consumers to enjoy.

In 1986, Vietnamese immigrants and founders Van and Kim Nguyen built Van’s Kitchen from the ground up, creating an environment where other immigrants and minorities could work and develop their skills. Van and Kim Nguyen exemplify the Year of the Ox because while they endured hardships and obstacles as immigrants and entrepreneurs, their persistence and strength enabled them to build a national brand while simultaneously providing opportunities for underdogs. Van and Kim Nguyen’s legacy lives on through their daughter and Van’s Kitchen’s second-generation CEO, Theresa Motter.

“My parents founded Van’s Kitchen to honor and celebrate Asian culture and to provide opportunities for immigrants and minorities,” said Motter. “Chinese New Year is the perfect holiday to not only celebrate, but also further their efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Everyone deserves an opportunity at success.”

In order to help both retailers and consumers raise awareness of and participate in Chinese New Year, Van’s Kitchen is offering month-long promotional opportunities and activities. Materials for grocery and convenience store retailers include window clings, roller grill tags and lollipops, decals and editable theme artwork. Additionally, consumers can access activities that embody characteristics of an ox including a workout for physical strength, a word puzzle for mental strength and an online daily journal for emotional strength. Van’s Kitchen also has published Zodiac predictions for the Year of the Ox based on birth years.

“We want retailers and consumers to be able to celebrate Chinese New Year with us,” said Motter. “The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures with the Asian population being one of the fastest growing. Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for people to educate themselves on the importance of the traditions and cuisine of Asian culture.

Van’s Kitchen champions diversity and promotes inclusion within its walls. Founded by immigrants, Van’s Kitchen has built a workplace that is comprised of three different cultural groups; European, Latinx and Asian and three different languages are spoken within the company; English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Van’s Kitchen employees are encouraged to embrace their own culture while also respecting and engaging with people who are different from them. 

More information about Van’s Kitchen’s Chinese New Year promotions can be found here. Chinese New Year activities can be found here.

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