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Kibo To Drive Omnichannel Commerce Experience For Peavey Mart 

Kibo, a provider of unified commerce based in Dallas, Texas, says that Canada’s Peavey Mart has selected its Unified Commerce Platform to power the retailer’s recently modernized e-commerce site with help from consulting partner theturnlab. This platform will add in-store order fulfillment capabilities to the new site as well. The new peaveymart.com is currently in development, with a planned launch in the first quarter of this year.

With Kibo, Peavey Mart will be able to unify data and product information that will power its site and connect it to 90 store locations across the country. Previously, Peavey Mart relied on on-premise commerce technology that limited its ability to create seamless customer experiences and made it difficult to keep up with real-time inventory demands. With Kibo, the Peavey Mart team will be able to utilize a single, up-to-date solution that will drive personalized commerce, order management and fulfillment. Kibo also will enable Peavey Mart to significantly improve its BOPIS and ship-to-store logistics.

Jest Sidloski, Peavey Industries VP of marketing, customer experience and e-commerce, is passionate about this project’s potential and ultimate success.

“We are committed to providing a strong, responsive e-commerce site for ourselves but more importantly for our customers. We aim to present a new site that is sleek and dependable, assuring our customers their online shopping experience will be a positive one, each and every time they visit. After months of research, planning, designing and review, we know we couldn’t have picked a better partner than Kibo for our supporting CMS platform,” Sidloski said.

“Kibo’s unified solution not only brings modern commerce capabilities to our online business, but also connects it to our offline locations, allowing us to create a much better customer experience while also simplifying our operations,” he said. “We were immediately impressed with what we’ll be able to do with Kibo’s solution, and as a people-focused organization, we are also excited to work with the awesome teams at Kibo and theturnlab. They’ve been incredibly consultative and supportive throughout our onboarding process.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Kibo to deliver e-commerce and order management to Peavey. Kibo provides the modern omnichannel technology that sets Peavey up for success now and in the future,” said Frank Aloise, co-founder at theturnlab.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of flexibility, which comes with modern technology. Kibo’s microservices-based architecture allows Peavey Mart to use what capabilities it needs now and easily expand upon them when ready. With the added benefit of built-in personalization capabilities, Peavey will be able to build out unique customer experiences.

“Kibo is excited to help Peavey Mart unify their operations, insights and customer experiences across their brands. Peavey Mart is a modern business, and Kibo’s modern solution is a perfect fit. We are on track to implement robust commerce and order management capabilities in six months, which should deliver significant improvements to their business,” said Brian Wilson, chief operating officer at Kibo.

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