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United Fresh Releases Winter 2021 Fresh Insights For Foodservice


The winter 2021 issue of United Fresh’s Fresh Insights for Foodservice is now available. Sponsored by Produce Alliance, this quarterly report highlights on-trend foodservice applications for fresh produce in restaurants, at retail, in meal kits and more. Focusing on health and immunity, this issue highlights the myriad health benefits of fresh produce for consumers looking to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 as well as seasonal colds and flus.

“This quarter’s report spotlights a variety of antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as creative ways that consumers can enjoy vitamin-packed produce,” said Andrew Marshall, director of foodservice and foundation partnerships for United Fresh. “As more consumers look to fortify their immune systems, it’s good to see increased interest in incorporating more fruit and vegetables for optimum health.” 

The report highlights in-season winter trends, lemons and versatile onions, as well as globally-inspired dumplings that can serve as a vehicle for fresh produce. Thinking ahead, the “On the Horizon” section covers the trends likely to impact foodservice this summer, with deep dives into blackberries, bell peppers and “center-of-plate” produce meals, such as carrot hot dogs, jackfruit tacos and cauliflower steak. The “Chain Report” explores the latest national account introductions, while the “Kids’ Table” section looks at how different types of oranges are being featured on kids’ menus.

Continuing with the report’s health and immunity focus, the “View from Above,” section features operators who are leveraging immune-boosting menu concepts that incorporate fresh produce to increase vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. This portion of the report features an interview with Rachel Layton, managing partner at I Love Juice Bar, about how this fast-casual concept appeals to immunity-conscious consumers with their variety of healthy beverages.

“When it comes to immune-boosting ingredients, you can’t do much better than fresh produce,” said Katie O’Connor, marketing manager for Produce Alliance. “Produce is so versatile and can be incorporated in a multitude of menu items, providing plenty of opportunities for chefs and foodservice operators to promote the nutritious qualities of their dishes.”

This issue of Fresh Insights for Foodservice is available here and can be downloaded free of charge for United Fresh members.

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