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Fresh Express Introduces Clean, Contemporized Packaging Redesign

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Fresh Express, a category leader in value added salads, is contemporizing its brand with clean, refreshed packaging for its Garden, Premium Garden, Crunchy and Tender Leaf salad blends products. The new design, which features revised artwork and graphics, aims to increase consumer appeal and purchase interest.

In independent qualitative and quantitative research, 86 percent of consumers said the updated look feels “fresh.”

The new packaging – which includes elements like a larger window for improved ingredient visibility, product segmentation on pack and a more prominent freshness use by date – will help the product line stand out on-shelf and supports the brand’s core essence of delivering the freshest product, conveniently. Other benefits of the new packaging include the addition of the brand’s non-GMO claim and bilingual copy on most SKUs.

“Over the years, consumers have come to trust our freshness, quality and unique products, so it was important that our new packaging clearly communicate these key brand attributes,” said Michael Golderman, marketing brand leader at Fresh Express. “Our packaging design is cleaner and simpler than previous iterations – allowing the fresh ingredients, which are the star of every single Fresh Express product, to shine.”

With fresh salads available in more than 150 different varieties, Fresh Express is known for its variety, value and convenience, which resulted in significant year-over-year sales growth in 2020.  

The new packaging is available now in the refrigerated produce department at retailers the U.S. and Canada. This is the final phase of the brand’s packaging refresh project which began in 2017 with Fresh Express Organics, followed by the Fresh Express Kit and Chopped Kit refresh in 2018.

“We began this broader redesign effort four years ago to underscore that Fresh Express offers products that are consistently, deliciously, fresh and provides a strong brand block at retail,” said Fabian Pereira, VP of marketing and innovation at Fresh Express. “We look forward to continuing to find ways to innovate our brand and product lines to ensure consumers receive a premium experience at every turn.”

For more information about including products and recipes, visit freshexpress.com.  

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