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CHO America Is Working To Support Independent Restaurants

CHO America

Baytown, Texas-based CHO America is working to support independent restaurants that are recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a limited time and while quantities last, restaurants can register to receive a free variety of premium olive and cooking oils from CHO America’s brands including Terra Delyssa, Origin 846, Fork & Leaf and Bulk By CHO.

The program, running in March and April, will help independent restaurants keep their kitchens open with a pantry staple, olive oil. Restaurants who register will be able to visit CHO America’s Houston office during their scheduled time to receive their free premium olive and cooking oils.

“We are very excited to help the community and support local businesses. We realize many restaurants are still dealing with issues stemming from shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said CHO America’s CEO Wajih Rekik. “These are restaurants in our own communities, restaurants where we have our Friday office lunch, where we used to enjoy our social and family gatherings, restaurants that make the charm and the beauty of our cities. I am heartbroken to see so many of them on the brink of collapse and some already closed for good. Our help, though symbolic, we hope will come as a boost of positive energy, a reminder of how appreciated these restaurants are and how much we look forward to having them as part of our return to normal. We will introduce our chefs to our ‘oil innovations’” with healthier, organic options and real good extra virgin olive oils.”

Restaurants can find more details and register at CHO America’s Bulk By CHO website (bulkbycho.com). Once registered, a member of the CHO America team will reach out and confirm their pickup time and details. Upon arriving, restaurants will receive a free variety of oils from CHO America’s various brands:

  • Terra Delyssa: The premium, traceable, extra virgin olive oil with a mild and smooth flavor and versatility;
  • Origin 846: The healthiest unfiltered, unprocessed and decanted premium extra virgin olive oil;
  • Fork & Leaf: A natural and organic selection of healthy Non-GMO oil blends formulated for all of today’s cooking methods; and
  • Bulk By CHO: Olive oils and specialty oils for food, cosmetic and supplement manufacturing.

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