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Balls Food Stores, Vitamist Making Available Immune Support Products

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Balls Food Stores and Vitamist, a pioneer in oral spray nutraceuticals, are making available Vitamist Immune Support supplement products in Balls Foods Stores locations throughout the Kansas City area.

Vitamist’s Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C + Zinc products have been specially formulated to support and benefit immune health. Vitamin D is emerging as a key nutrient needed to sustain health and vitality.

Other vital supplement products will be coming soon to Balls Foods Stores, including Vitamin B12, Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ Multivitamins, Keto-BHB and ATP cellular energy support.

Vitamist’s pocket-sized oral spray delivery technology is ideally suited for convenience to meet the need today’s consumers have to quickly get their essential vitamin supplements. Vitamist’s Made in the USA formulas are always third-party lab tested for potency and safety. Each 14ml spray bottle contains a 30-day supply.

Vitamist and Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories are wholly owned subsidiaries of Mistek Inc. 

Ball’s Food Stores is based in Kansas City, Kansas, and operates 26 supermarkets under the Hen House Market, Price Chopper, Sun Fresh and Payless Discount Foods banners in Kansas City and surrounding markets.

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