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SpartanNash Unveils Code Of Conduct To Aid In Corporate Responsibility

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Grand Rapids, Michigan-based SpartanNash has issued a Vendor Code of Conduct that sets forth its expectations for vendor compliance and commitment. The Vendor Code of Conduct – available on spartannash.com – will be distributed in the coming weeks to more than 13,000 company vendors, suppliers and contractors for acknowledgement and compliance. 

“As part of our people-first culture, we hold our family of nearly 19,000 associates accountable for living our core values and adhering to our Code of Business Conduct,” said Kathleen Mahoney, EVP and chief legal officer. “We are committed to operating in a legal, ethical, safe, fair and environmentally responsible manner, and we expect our vendors, suppliers and contractors to do the same. By developing the Vendor Code of Conduct, we have created greater transparency for vendors into what our expectations are in working with SpartanNash.” 

The SpartanNash Vendor Code of Conduct describes SpartanNash’s expectations for its vendors and how they conduct their businesses. All SpartanNash vendors are expected to act in accordance with the Vendor Code and sign an acknowledgement stating their intentions to comply. 

Specifically, the SpartanNash Code of Conduct requires its vendors to:

  • Act ethically and with integrity;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Act in compliance with laws and contracts;
  • Protect privacy and data;
  • Source minerals responsibly;
  • Protect human rights;
  • Support vendor diversity and inclusion; and
  • Adhere to environmental stewardship initiatives.

“SpartanNash partners with thousands of great suppliers, food manufacturers, vendors and contractors to fuel our supply chain and optimize our business operations,” said Lori Raya, EVP and chief merchandising and marketing officer. “Our teams will be reaching out to our partners to share and explain the Vendor Code in the coming weeks. Based on the relationships we have formed as the country’s fifth largest food distributor and a leading distributor of grocery products to military commissaries around the world, we anticipate our partners will appreciate our transparency on conduct expectations.”

SpartanNash also provides its associates and the public with a channel to raise concerns without fear of retaliation. If anyone encounters what they believe to be any potential integrity concerns, including but not limited to violation of local laws or regulations, its Vendor Code or unethical behavior, they may report concerns via the SpartanNash hotline.

Retaliation of any kind against an individual who reports concerns in good faith will not be tolerated. SpartanNash’s hotline is available 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week at 800-710-4848 or spartannash-ethics.com.

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