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Rosie Leads In Grocery Commerce Accessibility, Offering Level AA WCAG

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Rosie, an e-commerce solution for independent grocers and wholesalers, now adheres to the Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.1, becoming one of the first grocery e-commerce providers on the market to deliver this experience on all customer facing e-commerce software.

Headquartered in Ithaca, New York, Rosie currently leads its competitors in its accessibility score on LightHouse, the Google Chrome audit tool. Rosie’s platform scores a 98/100 in its default mode and a 100/100 in Accessibility Mode, surpassing the scores of other online grocery solutions. This step makes it easier than ever for the hundreds of independent retailers across 48 states on Rosie to serve the 26 percent of Americans living with a disability, particularly at a time when online shopping has seen such a demand. Rosie Collections

The Rosie accessible e-commerce experience includes some of the following key features on grocers’ shopping websites: 

  • Online shopping is screen-reader friendly, allowing links, buttons, text, etc. to be picked up by screen readers for visually impaired customers;
  • E-commerce sites powered by Rosie have a high-contrast “accessibility mode” available for shoppers who need it;
  • Customers are able to remove moving images (gifs) for a safe experience; and
  • Keyboard users can select products and checkout all from their keyboard.

“We’re proud that we’re now able to deliver an accessible, user-friendly experience to all our customers thanks to our partnership with Rosie,” said Eric Stauffer, COO of Stauffers of Kissel Hill. “Just as we want to make our in-store experience safe and comfortable for everyone, we’re glad to offer an online experience meeting the needs of anyone who wants to shop with us.”

This new capability and a dedication to making online grocery shopping more equitable and accessible sets Rosie apart in the grocery e-commerce space, the company says. The retailers who utilize Rosie’s platform are making an impact in their communities across the country to level the playing field and bring safe online grocery options to Americans living with disabilities. 

“Accessibility and equal rights for people with disabilities is a major focus at Bozzuto’s,” said Steve Methvin, VP of technology at Bozzuto’s. “For many years we’ve been very active in supporting individuals living with disabilities through our community and foundation work. Now with Rosie’s help, we can offer an equitable online shopping experience as well and make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Rosie has built relationships with hundreds of retailers nationwide, standing by a mission of delivering smart, delightfully easy online groceries. Through strategic partnerships across the country, Rosie connects independent retailers with new customers through an agile, e-commerce platform.

For more information and a list of current opportunities, visit rosieapp.com.

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