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New Gen Z Water Debuts With Aluminum Bottle, Bold Design

Gen Z

Gen Z Water is disrupting the bottled water industry by standing out from the sea of blue bottles with its bright colors and unique animal-inspired characters in fantasy settings, aiming to unite a generation and offer a reprieve for all water drinkers from the disorder of the world today.

The Fayetteville, Arkansas-based brand’s bold and retro creative designs are meant to be a conversation starter. Consumers can connect over Gen Z’s quirky critters, the retro-feel or sense of nostalgia the bottle provides and a brand working toward putting an end to plastic pollution for a better future.

“We are not your average water bottle company,” said Doug Batie, founder and CEO. “And consumers will notice that the first time they pick up a bottle of Gen Z. We hope they are intrigued by both the aluminum we use to protect our planet and the bottles we’ve designed to give our consumers a moment to smile. Despite the name and ironic nod to Generation Z, Gen Z is for everyone who drinks water, appreciates the humor and is looking for a reprieve from today’s world.”

Aiming to put an end to single-use plastic pollution, consumers will find new Gen Z Water in infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, meant to be resealed, refilled and reused. Gen Z offers a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic with 100-percent recyclable bottles made of aluminum that doesn’t lose its quality when recycled and is back on the shelf in as little as 60 days.

While the bottle keeps the water chilled and refreshing, it is designed to be resealed, refilled and reused, at a price that customers can buy another if it goes missing. Gen Z has released the first of multiple bottle designs and will expand the collection in the months ahead, unveiling remaining creative scenes with new critters.

Gen Z Water sells for $5 on Drinkgenz.com and ships for free. Customers can also find Gen Z at select retailers. To find Gen Z near you, visit Drinkgenz.com or follow along on social media at @DrinkGenZ. You can learn more here.

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