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100 Million Americans Expected To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo This Year

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Avocado consumption insights from Oxnard, California-based Mission Produce, a company that sources, produces and distributes fresh Hass avocados, shows that 100 million Americans are expected to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Additionally, up to 70 million pounds of avocados are expected to be consumed. 

The data show that consumers are looking to celebrate the avocado holiday both at home and out at restaurants and bars.

Compared to last year, twice the number of people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo are expected to celebrate at a bar or restaurant this year, while two-thirds of revelers report that they plan to celebrate at home, either with family or by attending a small gathering.

“As vaccinations ramp up in the U.S., people are eager to return to pre-COVID activities like gatherings and in-person dining. Cinco de Mayo could be the first holiday of normalcy for many, and we’re ready to supply the World’s Finest Avocados to add to the celebrations,” said Steve Barnard, founder and CEO of Mission Produce. “With our advanced distribution network and avocado-specific ripening infrastructure, we’re able to service most locations across North America within 24-hours, positioning us well to satisfy the anticipated uptick in demand.”

Mission’s consumption data showed an anticipated 30 percent lift in retail avocado sales for Cinco de Mayo, with 25 percent of households planning to purchase avocados in the two weeks leading up to the holiday. Additionally, 40 percent of celebrators report that they will purchase food and alcohol from a store, while 31 percent plan to order delivery or takeout.

“As leaders in avocado intelligence, our insights provide valuable information for our customers to get ahead of consumer trends and know how to position their offerings for the highest return,” said Denise Junqueiro, Mission senior director of marketing and communications. “For Cinco de Mayo, we know consumers consider tacos, margaritas and guacamole staple items – all of which contain, or go well with, avocados. We’re excited for our avocados to contribute to what could be the most normal festivities in a long time for many.”

Mission also uses Avocado Intel, its in-house, data-driven intelligence capabilities, to adjust its programming for the benefit of its customers and provide first-class category management support. The data Mission gathers on the avocado category is cutting-edge, specific and custom to the target demographic of each of Mission’s customers to help them be more profitable, attract more shoppers and reduce shrink.

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