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Trion Adds WonderBar, ZipTrack To Line Of Merchandising Items


Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based Trion Industries has introduced its Trion WonderBar tray system and ZipTrack, a new and adaptable single-serve beverage pusher system.

The Trion WonderBar tray system is being implemented in multiple departments storewide, with customers gaining additional SKUs in their existing retail footprint, effectively selling more in the same space.

Typically, customers can gain 20 to 30-plus new facings in an eight-foot gondola run, the company says. The WonderBar pusher tray system maximizes visibility, enhances package billboarding, ensures product rotation and reduces shrinkage for a full range of frozen, refrigerated and general merchandise products.

Each tray quickly adjusts and helps optimize display space, attract customers, increase sales and cut labor costs. Trion’s WonderBar tray merchandiser is made in America and built to last.

With ZipTrack, each product lane quickly adjusts to fit skinny Red Bulls to oversized Gatorades while consistently keeping each drink pushed to the shelf front for easy customer choices. Better presentation translates to increased sales for front-end coolers, center store and the deepest rear-load coolers.

This durable, American-made system utilizes full shelf depth and can even include easy rear loading capabilities. Customers can level their shelving with no more wasted space and product tip overs from gravity feed shelves. With ZipTrack, all items, regardless of size, will always be attractively presented to consumers, the company says.

ZipTrack also works on many other items storewide and can be deployed in endless runs.

Trion Industries has been an American fixture manufacturing leader for more than 55 years. In addition to the WonderBar tray system and ZipTrack, Trion produces a wide variety of retail merchandising items including display hooks, shelf edge plastic shelf edge label strips, adjustable pusher trays, reusable shopping bag displayers, freezer and dairy product AMT organizers and much more.

Trion holds more than 120 United States and international patents for innovations. The firm first revolutionized merchandising with the introduction of the original straight-entry display hook in 1965, and the first scanning hook in 1978.

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