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Smart Baking Co. Products To Be Carried At 124 Publix Locations

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Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 12:22 pm

Smart Baking Co. was founded on the idea of making healthy food delicious and accessible to everyone. The baking company is taking another step toward that goal with an extended run with Publix. 

The company’s healthy snack cakes, Smartcakes, will now be carried at 124 Publix locations. The news comes after the grocery chain began to carry Smartcakes at select stores earlier this year.

“This is a huge vote of confidence that people out there are looking for this kind of product on the shelves of their grocery store,” said Dave Heuvel, Smart Baking Co.’s co-founder and EVP of sales and marketing. “At Smart Baking Company, we’re always looking for the most convenient ways to help our customer on their health food journey, and we’re thrilled to have our products in Publix.”

Publix will continue to carry the company’s two-packs of Smartcakes + Vitamin C, which include 100 percent of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C per cake and are sweetened with Stevia. The cakes are offered in four flavors: cinnamon, lemon, chocolate and raspberry cream. The Smartcakes also feature the company’s latest packaging, which is designed to keep its products fresher, longer. 

Smartcakes are 38 calories each and are gluten-free, sugar free and diabetic- and keto-friendly. The products are located in the nutritional bar aisle. Customers can check the Smart Baking Co. website for locations. 

The company also offers sandwich buns, Smartbuns, and low-calorie muffins, Smartmuf’ns. Products are available on the company’s website, as well as on Amazon and at health food stores nationwide. For more information, visit smartbakingco.com.

Smart Baking Co.’s Smartcakes, which come in multiple flavors, are the first FDA-approved designation of “healthy cake.” Founded in Sanford, Florida, the company aims to offer customers choices that are truly healthy and fun.

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