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Wild About Bread Now Available At Retail In Texas


Wild About Bread’s Home Baked Bread Made Simple is now available in 45 Kroger stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area in Texas. Wild About Bread has created a new bread mix kit and PrepPal mixing container that simplifies the bread making process at home without sacrificing the final artisan quality bread and crust you’d expect to receive from a bakery product.

Kroger will be featuring the new product in the fresh bakery section of its stores. wild

“Consumer demand for simple solutions for making bread at home has increased significantly in the last 16 months and shows no signs of slowing,” said Chris Harlander, general manager for Richmond, Texas-based Wild About Bread. “We are excited Kroger is offering our Home Baked Bread Made Simple in stores in Texas, making this simple bread-making process available to their loyal consumers.” 

Each Wild About Bread kit provides a reusable mixing and proofing container called the PrepPal, three pre-measured bread mixes and three yeast packets. To prepare a loaf, just stir water and yeast in your PrepPal and then add the bread mix, shake for 30 seconds and set aside to proof/double in size. After the dough proofs for about two hours, you are ready to bake crusty bread. 

The PrepPal is reusable and dishwasher and microwave safe. For convenience, after proofing, dough can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days to bake it later.  

“Baking bread at home went mainstream during the pandemic and experts are predicting the trend will continue well into 2025,” said Harlander. “With Wild About Bread, it’s something families can have fun doing together that doesn’t take a lot of time, yet results in amazing bakery quality bread that everyone has success with.”   

“We have easy to follow how-to videos, baking tips and serving suggestions available on our website and social media,” said Harlander. “We have simple recipes to more complex recipes for adventurous bakers that might want to explore using our mix to create dinner rolls, baguettes, focaccia, pizza crust, cinnamon rolls and more. You can also find a listing of Kroger stores that currently carry Wild About Bread.”

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