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Kerry Releases New Big Train Dairy-Free Beverage Mixes


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 12:21 pm

Kerry, a taste and nutrition company based in Beloit, Wisconsin, has released new dairy-free flavors in its Big Train product family of hot and cold beverage mixes for use by foodservice operators.

Fortified with Kerry’s GanedenBC30 — a science-supported probiotic ingredient that helps support digestive and immune health — the four new non-dairy flavors, horchata, caramel latte, latte and mocha, deliver probiotics in a tasty beverage format.

Consumers are becoming increasingly proactive in their efforts to manage their personal health, which includes seeking to support immune function through choosing beverages that offer health benefits. At the same time, Kerry’s proprietary consumer research has highlighted a gap in the foodservice industry’s offerings.

For example, with immune health the top benefit global consumers are seeking in healthy lifestyle products, 78 percent of those surveyed by Kerry are of the view that restaurants are failing to offer enough menu choices that feature functional benefits. In addition, the research shows that 70 percent or more of these consumers are actively concerned about their digestive health. The Big Train range of new dairy-free beverage mixes addresses these findings.

“Big Train is a trusted brand for Kerry customers and their consumers. These new dairy-free beverage mixes allow every customer, regardless of dietary needs or preference, to indulge in their favorite frappe, mocha, steamer, chai or latte choice,” said Abhishek Trivedi, strategic marketing director for Big Train. “Fortified with the Kerry science-backed GanedenBC30 probiotic, these excellent new drink offerings will help foodservice operators meet the growing consumer demand for products promoting digestive health, while simultaneously expanding the great taste experiences for which Big Train is already known.”

Big Train is a manufacturer and distributor of premium, powdered gourmet beverage mixes. Their collection includes a wide array of products, among them are blended ice coffees, coffee-free blended cremes, chai teas, protein coffee mixes and the new dairy-free mixes. All are permissible indulgence products that consumers both crave and appreciate.

Big Train chose GanedenBC30 because it is backed by more than 25 published scientific papers demonstrating its safety and efficacy. GanadenBC30 is also a spore-forming probiotic, meaning that the strain has superior survivability not only in the Big Train product manufacturing and production process but also the transit through the stomach into the intestines—where it works to support digestive and immune health.

Consumers have become increasingly concerned about overall wellness and are now looking to their everyday foods and beverages for functional benefits. Of note, more than half of the consumers surveyed perceived GanedenBC30 to support digestive health merely from seeing the logo. The credibility of GanedenBC30‘s extensive studies has led to 81 percent of U.S. consumers believing the probiotic claim to be trustworthy, with 63 percent expressing interest in purchasing a product into which it is incorporated.

In short, Big Train’s new probiotic-fortified dairy-free mixes will help foodservice operators meet rising consumer calls for added functionality by facilitating more delicious, dairy-free drink options on menus.

“With Kerry’s research showing that 63 percent of consumers are actively trying to eat healthfully some or all of the time, purchasing Big Train non-dairy beverages will leave consumers feeling they’ve made a healthier choice without sacrificing taste or enjoyment,” said Trivedi.

Big Train purchases can be made online at Webstaurant, Food Service Direct, Amazon, Serious Sips and Barista Pro Shop. View the new Big Train range of dairy-free beverage mixes here.

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