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Titan Farms’ Sustainable Packaging Receives High Praise


Ridge Spring, South Carolina-based Titan Farms has brought back its sustainable, eco-friendly packaging this summer to meet the increasing demand for less single use plastics.

“Nature’s Peach” box is a 100 percent recyclable four-pack that uses earthy tones to highlight the peaches. The durable yet convenient packaging allows shoppers to carry by the center handle and retailers to stack multiple packages on top of one another to attract the customer’s eye.  

“Nature’s Peach box is something Titan Farms is really proud of,” said Ross Williams, director of packaging operations and food safety. “At Titan Farms we are always trying to get out in front of what is trending and position ourselves as an industry leader.”

In 2020, “Nature’s Peach” box received the Paperboard Packaging Council 2020 Award for Excellence in Packaging and Sustainability for its composition and innovative design to help protect the product and separate the fruit, so it ripens properly. This year, “Nature’s Peach” box is back.

“Nature’s Peach” box is available at Fresh Market through Aug. 31. Those who are interested in placing orders for the summer or would like more information should reach out to the sales team at [email protected] or 1-803-685-3500. 

“Nature’s Peach box like all Titan Farms packing was a team effort,” Williams said. “Our staff and customer base spoke, so we listened and delivered a truly 100 percent recyclable package those who purchase can feel good about.”

To learn more about Titan Farms, visit their website: http://titanfarms.com/.

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