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Amen-Miller Rose From Box Girl To VP Of Purchasing

Jeanne Amen-Miller started with Super A Foods at age 18.

One of the stories that comes to mind for Jeanne Amen-Miller of her late father, Lou, is him traveling to his 420-acre ranch in Fillmore, California, to pick fruit and give it to friends.

The first and foremost thing, however, is his lifelong passion for the grocery business.

Amen-Miller, VP in charge of purchasing, has been with Super A Foods since age 18, seeing the company grow firsthand.

Ken Miller and Jeanne Amen-Miller

“I started as a box girl, then I became a checker and then I became a bookkeeper. And when we went to go scanning 40 years ago, then I was put in charge of it,” she said. “I wrote up 15,000 items to put into the system by hand. Then I started scanning and then dad would push things to me to start buying the candy, start buying the magazines, start buying the chips… he started handing me everything to do.”

Jeanne still remembers her father being active on the job until his final moments. “The morning that he passed, he probably talked to 15 different people. He placed grocery orders. We talked to him about 6:37 a.m. He had called me, he had called Jimmy (her brother), he called a few of us. He called some of his best friends that morning.”

She went on to recall how Jim relayed a comment from their father about the price of a particular item.

“So, I called [my father] and said, ‘Hey, Dad, are you sure you want to run it at this price? Basically, you’re losing money to run it at this price.’ He said, ‘I’m the boss, you do as you’re told.’ Literally that was the last thing he said to me,” she said with a laugh.

Like the rest of the family, Amen-Miller will always recall her father as a driven worker. Although he passed away at home, he would have continued doing what he loved.

“He always said he came into this world like this. He was going to leave it like that. And that’s the way he left it,” she said.

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