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Friendship Evolved From Early Days As Account Manager

Paul and Carole Christianson and Dorie and Lou Amen

by Carole Christianson, COO of the Western Association of Food Chains

Early in my career, I had the good fortune to meet Lou Amen. In the early 1970s, when I became an account manager for the family-owned soft drink bottler National Drinks, I was assigned Super A Foods as one of my accounts.

It is true testimony to Lou’s legacy that he, Dorie and the Amen family built and sustained the successful enterprise of Super A Foods to celebrate its 50th year in business.

Most of the customers that I called on back then: Dale’s, Boy’s, Mayfair, Beach’s, Thriftimart, Hughes, Foods Co., ABC, Pantry and others are no longer part of the Southern California supermarket landscape.

I will never forget my first meeting with Lou in his office. My predecessor on the account was Max Green. Max and his brother, Sid, had a long career in the produce industry before joining the family soft drink business. When Max introduced me to Lou as Super A’s new account manager, Max was 76 and I was in my early 20s. It was a stark contrast and Lou challenged me from the start. 

Friendship Evolved From Early Days As Account Manager
Jim Amen, Carole Christianson and Dorie Amen

Over the years, Lou became one of my strongest supporters and mentors. I learned so much about business and life from him. He was proud of his involvement with the California Grocers Association and beamed to see Jim, followed by Renee move through the chairs in recent years.

Paul and I were honored to be among the guests to celebrate Lou’s 90th birthday with the large and loving Amen family.

Lou and Dorie were at my wedding to Paul in 1984, and I am so grateful that Dorie and Jim stay connected after the sad loss of Lou and Paul.

Congratulations to the entire Amen family as you celebrate the 50th anniversary of Super A Foods. Best wishes for good health and continued success. God bless you all, always.

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