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Lala Introduces Authentic Hispanic Dessert Products


Dessert-inspired yogurt smoothies and cremas are the newest addition to the Lala brand of fresh dairy products. The new products include three flavors of dessert yogurt smoothies and two flavors of fruit and crema desserts.

In April, the company also added three new traditional Mexican cheeses to its line-up of yogurt smoothies, yogurts, Mexican crema and milk.

“The Postres Auténticos family of dessert products are authentic, nourishing and high-quality,” said Jorge Ramos, CEO of Lala U.S. “The flavors of the smoothies and cremas are inspired by Hispanic dinner table traditions.”

  • The Postres Auténticos dessert yogurt smoothies come in three flavors – Fresas con Crema (strawberries and cream), Tres Leches Cake and Arroz con Leche (rice pudding). Intended to be enjoyed after a meal or as a late-night snack, they are made with real whole milk for a rich creamy taste. Each 6.7-oz. bottle also contains 5g of protein.
  • The Postres Auténticos fruit and crema desserts are a convenient take on traditional Hispanic desserts. They come in two flavors – Fresas con Crema (strawberries and crema) and Duraznos con Crema (peaches and crema). Lala’s Crema Mexicana is the base and is flavored with real fruit and sugar. Available in a 4-oz. single-serve format, the desserts can be enjoyed any time and are unique to other Hispanic desserts on the market.

The Postres Auténticos products are now available in Hispanic specialty grocery stores across the U.S.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Lala U.S. Inc. produces and distributes a wide variety of dairy-based products throughout the U.S. Nationally distributed products include Lala-branded yogurt smoothies, yogurts, crema Mexicana and milk.

Milk and other dairy-based products are also sold under brands including Promised Land, Nordica, Frusion and Skim Plus. Lala U.S. Inc. is a subsidiary of Grupo Lala, an international foods company with significant operations in Mexico, Brazil, U.S. and Central America.

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