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Local Express Partner To Provide Retailers With In-Store Customer Data

Local Express

Glendale, California-based Local Express, an e-commerce solution designed for independent grocery stores, enterprises and food retailers, has launched a new in-store kiosk service. With this offering, Local Express’ kiosk self-serve app can be integrated into retailers’ in-store POS systems, allowing customers to complete online orders in-store and save time.

The kiosks are an extension of Local Express’ omnichannel offering and can be fully integrated with retailers’ existing Local Express online store and in-house point of sale system. With this new service, customers can complete their purchases and save time. The kiosk stations minimize waiting time and free up hours for busy staff. Food and beverage retailers can benefit from higher productivity and less pressure on labor.

Local Express’ app can run on an inexpensive tablet or be implemented across a store’s existing kiosk framework. Ordering via kiosk allows customers to self-serve orders, customize their order with various options offered by the store, pay online and select delivery options if applicable. The Local Express kiosk solution can also integrate a cloud printer to print deli-counter style “ticket stubs” when needed.

This new kiosk solution can help grocers reduce queues in the deli department or at the meat counter, increase customer satisfaction through shorter waiting times and help retailers struggling with labor shortages.

“At Local Express, we strive to be a technology leader providing practical and cost-effective solutions to support our customers in the grocery segment and across the food and beverage industry,” said Bagrat Safaryan, CEO and founder of Local Express. “With this off-the-shelf hardware, stores can quickly ‘pop up’ kiosk stations and alleviate immediate problems such as labor shortage. Overall, the aim is to achieve higher customer satisfaction.”

“The kiosk stations are a great way for us to provide additional ordering options for our customers,” said Robert Agajanian, general manager at Big Square, one of Local Express’ clients. “There are often long queues in our popular hot food department and also in our meat department, for which we are famous. The kiosks allow customers to express their wishes, which saves time and keeps the queues short.”

For more information, visit localexpress.io/kiosk.

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