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Jennie-O Turkey Store Shares 2021 Thanksgiving Trends And Predictions


Willmar, Minnesota-based Jennie-O Turkey Store has released its Thanksgiving survey results. The answers revealed how people across the country feel about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, how they plan to celebrate, the dishes they find most intimidating and even how many pounds of food a single person plans to eat during the meal.

The survey of 2,000 consumers was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jennie-O.

To Be or Not To Be (In Person):

  • The majority of those polled will be attending a virtual Thanksgiving, in addition to an in-person celebration; and
  • Forty-two percent noted they will also attend a Friendsgiving gathering.

Meal Prep:

  • Most consumers start meal planning for this special holiday in September;
  • Thirty-six percent purchase their turkey one week before Thanksgiving;
  • Fifty percent buy their turkeys frozen and 29 percent fresh;
  • While turkey is the marquis dish, many are intimidated to cook it because they’re scared it will turn out dry and overcooked (49 percent);
  • The majority plan to cook enough food to have leftovers; and
  • Most will roast their turkeys (51 percent), with frying coming in second (34 percent).

Starting Nov. 1, Jennie-O consumer engagement experts will be on hand to help alleviate stress around holiday meal planning at the company’s 1-800-TURKEYS hotline, through live chat on the Jennie-O website and by texting “Turkey” to 73876. From advice on how to prep and cook a turkey to recipes for side dishes and how to use leftovers, consumers can reach out for real time support through Nov. 28 via the method that is most convenient for them.

Also this year, in the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, Jennie-O specialists are available around-the-clock.

Family and Friends:

  • Twenty-eight percent of those polled plan to eat between four and six pounds of food on Thanksgiving Day;
  • Twenty-seven percent estimate they will eat seven to 10 pounds; 20 percent aim to eat up to three pounds; 11 percent intend to eat 11-14 pounds; and 5 percent anticipate feasting on more than 15 pounds of food;
  • The majority prefer dark over white meat;
  • Fifty-three percent will purchase a whole turkey vs. a turkey breast;
  • More plan on buying a bigger turkey vs. smaller turkey (48 percent and 43 percent, respectively); and
  • Most people surveyed are the ones cooking the turkey (37 percent), with their mother coming in second (24 percent).

“While we’d all love to celebrate this Thanksgiving pre-pandemic style, we realize that many still cannot. Jennie-O is here to help, regardless of whether you’re gathering in-person or virtually,” said Nicole Behne, VP of marketing at Jennie-O. “We have specialists to help with most any turkey challenge and tools that will ensure your Thanksgiving meal is a success.”

Consumers can track their fresh or frozen Jennie-O whole turkey back to its originating farm through the Jennie-O Turkey Tracker. From calculators that tell the host how much turkey to buy, to full menus for Thanksgiving dinner and inspiring suggestions for preparing tasty leftovers, Jennie-O offers easy solutions for the holiday meal.

For more information about all Jennie-O turkey products, including recipes, nutritional information and where to buy, visit JennieO.com or follow the brand on social media.

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