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No Evil Foods To Be Honored At Global Event

No Evil Foods To Be Honored At Global Event

Asheville, North Carolina-based No Evil Foods, a plastic negative certified plant-based meat brand, has received the 2022 Real Leaders “top 200” Global Impact Award for its industry leadership, driving positive social and environmental change through business.

No Evil Foods was founded in 2014 by Sadrah Schadel and Mike Woliansky when they recognized the connection between the environmental, social and health impacts of the hyper-industrialized food system and the health halo surrounding heavily processed plant-based meats. No Evil Foods To Be Honored At Global Event

After first selling its minimally processed, clean-label and nutrient-dense plant-based meats at a farmer’s market in North Carolina, the company obtained national distribution with a commitment to using its products as a tool to feed and fuel the movement for a better food system.  

In 2020, No Evil Foods became the world’s first plastic negative plant-based meat company through a partnership with rePurpose Global. No Evil Foods commits to the recovery and removal of more than 200x the plastic waste created by its packaging. 

This year brings the launch of several new No Evil Foods products that take a novel approach to clean-label, plant-based innovation by using a blend of proteins to build nutritionally superior products optimized for health and digestion through the use of fermentation and upcycled ingredients. 

“It’s a massive honor to be recognized by Real Leaders and join the list of so many values-aligned companies,” said Schadel. 

“Our long-term focus on sustainability and industry-leading work to recognize and take responsibility for our reliance on single-use plastic has been a huge part of achieving this award,” she said.

Nominated companies are ranked based on their “Force For Good” score: 3-Year Growth Rate x Revenue x Impact Score. 

The 200 Top Impact companies chosen are applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good, driving a dynamic segment of the economy and bearing a new vision of business that demonstrates that every transaction is an opportunity for growth and a better world. 

No Evil Foods has long been inspired by and now joins business-for-good brands such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and fellow all-vegan food brand Miyoko’s on the 2022 list of the Top Impact companies. 

“Business leaders across the globe are rapidly discovering that to be competitive – and to grow and thrive – they must forgo shortsighted thinking in favor of a farsighted vision that takes into account their company’s social and environmental impact,” said Mark Van Ness, founder of Real Leaders.  

“We are excited to welcome new and old companies alike to the impact movement, and into the Real Leaders Impact Awards community,” he said.

A virtual ceremony will be held on Feb. 24  to honor the winners and will feature a keynote from Peter Diamandis, founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation and executive founder of Singularity University.  

For more information, visit noevilfoods.com.

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