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Hanshow Makes U.S. Market Debut At 2022 NRF Big Show

Hanshow Makes U.S. Market Debut At 2022 NRF Big Show

Global digital retail solutions provider Hanshow is making its U.S. market debut at the annual NRF Big Show in New York where it’s showcasing a series of new products, announcements and partnerships.

Hanshow was founded 10 years ago with a focus on electronic shelf labels. After frequent triple digit annual growth and expansion across Europe, Asia Pacific and 50 countries around the world, the company is now bringing its suite of digital retail solutions to the world’s largest retail market.

Now after a decade of tested results with some of the world’s leading retailers including Auchan, Ahold Delhaize, Yamada Denki and many more, Hanshow believes it has the solutions U.S. retailers need to evolve and thrive. 

The company arrives in the U.S. at a time when its retail industry is facing dramatic changes from surging e-commerce, labor shortages, fluctuating prices and supply chain disruptions.

“Hanshow’s digital solutions address all of these challenges by adding automation, remote management and efficiency upgrades for omnichannel retail,” according to Li Liangyan, Hanshow SVP.

In 2021, Hanshow opened its first U.S. office in New York where it will base its expansion of digital solutions for U.S. retailers. This was also the company’s first major showing at the annual NRF Big Show. At this year’s NRF, Hanshow demonstrated its technology for solving a range of retailer pain points.

Its Nebular ESL replaces paper price tags and has a battery life of up to 15 years, and includes a location lighting function that reduces in-store picking times for delivery by up to 68 percent. 

Hanshow’s Lumina LCD screens act as a dynamic content display designed for fresh food sections that has led to marked sales increases and reduced food waste. When managed through Hanshow’s SaaS, based on Microsoft Azure, these ESL and digital screens also allow for entire store networks to update their prices in minutes from centralized locations, a crucial advantage as many stores face labor shortages.

Hanshow also showcased its AI solution that uses fixed cameras and mobile robots for on-shelf status monitoring and fresh foods management. Its self-service kiosk and digital screen equipped smart trolley allow for easy scan-and-go payments without a register. 

All of these products are adaptable across a range of retail from supermarkets to electronics and apparel, and several are already in the proof-of-concept phase with several retailers in the U.S.

These solutions also function within a technology ecosystem, as Hanshow has partnered with outside companies to bring added benefits for clients including being a partner in the recently announced Microsoft Cloud for Retail, while also having integrated solutions with Aruba, PwC, Lenovo and Sony.

“We have some of the best partnerships, biggest clients, best technology and best track record in the industry,” said Liangyan. 

“We are excited to bring this all together for the vital U.S. retail market,” she said.

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