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IGA CEO Ross To Speak On Inflation At The NGA Show

IGA CEO Ross To Speak On Inflation At The NGA Show
John Ross

IGA President and CEO John Ross will be speaking about the effects of inflation on independent grocers during Feb. 28’s general session at The NGA Show in Las Vegas.

Titled “Don’t Be A Victim To Inflation: Simple strategies to maintain price authority, increase sales, and drive shopper loyalty,” the presentation speaks to the fact that inflation is coming fast, but as an independent, how do you maintain your value proposition during an inflationary period?

Discover tactics that will help you keep your margin and stay competitive against the chains on core CPG and private label items, how you can use the margin you have to further increase profit and how to increase shopper loyalty with marketing initiatives that show shoppers you’re on their side as prices rise.

Ross has been speaking about inflation lately, sharing lessons independent retailers can learn from past inflation acceleration.

“For many younger store associates, this may be their first time going through a major inflationary period,” Ross said. “Certainly food prices in the USA have not seen cost acceleration since the late 1970s and early 1980s. And even for those who lived it, many are rightly asking what 6 percent or greater inflation means today.”

He said that as inflation accelerates, shoppers will be refocused on price and looking to their local grocer to act as a partner to help make their paychecks go further.

According to Ross, “When times get tough, shoppers need retailers and brands to be partners. And the ones that see that – and figure out a way to deliver value to their customers on more than just price – win in the short run and grow market share over time.”

During his session at The NGA Show, Ross will provide strategies that all independent retailers – not just those in the Independent Grocers Alliance – can implement quickly and easily to demonstrate their value and partnership with shoppers. 

This year, the IGA is co-locating with The NGA Show in Las Vegas for its first in-person event of 2022, which will deliver all the content independent retailers would normally experience during an IGA rally, coupled with NGA’s valuable industry-wide insights. The event will take place Feb. 27-March 1 at Caesar’s Forum. 

IGA is the world’s largest voluntary supermarket network with aggregate worldwide retail sales of over $40 billion per year. For more information, visit becomeiga.com.

To read a recent column by Ross on the topic of inflation, click here.

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