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Tattooed Chef Unveils 2022 Innovations At Expo West

Paramount, California-based Tattooed Chef has unveiled its innovation line-up for 2022 coinciding with the brand’s presence March 8-12 at this year’s Natural Products Expo West show.

Tattooed Chef is expanding out of the freezer aisle and releasing snacks that include plant based bars and chips. The new bar portfolio is a first-of-its-kind brain fuel oat butter bar powered with adaptogens that help to reduce stress, promote mental balance and provide long-lasting focus. The new tortilla chips are gluten free, grain free, and a better-for-you chip alternative that doesn’t taste like an alternative.

Tattooed Chef is also expanding into new frozen product categories: burritos, quesadillas and entrees. Drawing inspiration from classic Mexican flavors, the new products include a variety of plant-based meat alternatives and ingredient combinations like the Plant Based Chorizo and Egg Burrito, the Plant Based Al Pastor Quesadilla and Plant Based Chicken Mole Enchiladas. In addition, the company is expanding its vegan line by incorporating vegan eggs and proprietary meat alternatives, such as plant based pork, into various meals.

“Through our nostalgic innovation – creating meals and snacks that people know and love, now made healthier – we can tap into everybody’s plant based side,” said Sarah Galletti, the “Tattooed Chef,” founder and chief creative officer. “Breaking out of the freezer aisle in 2022 is a pivotal moment for Tattooed Chef as it furthers our mission to make plant based meals that are delicious and accessible to everyone.”

Building on its frozen product selection, the company is releasing new nutrient-packed meals, from globally inspired dishes such as the Japanese Breakfast Bowl and Plant Based Chicken Burrito Bowl to nostalgic offerings with a twist such as the Spiccolli Wood-fired Pizza and Cauliflower Spaghetti White Bolognese. 

Tattooed Chef is a plant-based food company offering a broad portfolio of innovative and sustainably sourced plant-based foods. Tattooed Chef’s signature products include ready-to-cook bowls, zucchini spirals, riced cauliflower, acai and smoothie bowls and cauliflower pizza crusts, which are available in the frozen food sections of leading national retail food and club stores across the U.S. as well as on Tattooed Chef’s e-commerce site.

Understanding consumer lifestyle and food trends, a commitment to innovation, and self-manufacturing allows Tattooed Chef to continuously introduce new products. Tattooed Chef provides approachable, great tasting and chef-created products to the growing group of plant based consumers as well as the mainstream marketplace. 

For more information, visit tattooedchef.com.

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