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UNFI Launches Food Equity Grant Challenge

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United Natural Foods Inc. has announced the introduction of a new grant opportunity as part of its UNFI Food Equity Project, aimed at accelerating the efforts of Rhode Island-based  organizations focused on creating equitable access to healthy food. 

UNFI Better for all

As part of UNFI’s ongoing “Better for All” initiative, the Food Equity Project Grant will award $100,000 to one or more local nonprofit organizations dedicated to eliminating hunger and improving public health in Rhode Island communities. Applications for the grant are open through May 16, and UNFI will begin working with selected partners beginning in August.  

Beyond financial assistance, UNFI will back grant recipients with the consultation and support they need to make critical impacts on the community, aiding in areas such as logistics, transportation and operations to help advance or accelerate partners’ work.

“UNFI is proud to offer this grant opportunity as a way to increase access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food, and we’re thrilled to support the great work happening right in our own backyard,” said Alisha Real, executive director of the UNFI Foundation. “This opportunity will not only help forge new relationships and allow for specificity in the resources that are most needed to make an impact but also allow for tangible change and a brighter outlook on the future of food access.”  

Food access is a key pillar in UNFI’s “Better for All” platform. In 2021, UNFI awarded more than $1 million in grants through the UNFI Foundation, all geared toward building better food systems.

Applications for the UNFI Food Equity Project grant are open to nonprofit organizations across Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Interested applicants should include a detailed description of the organization’s innovative food access solution and the desired impact, an outline of how the grant will activate the solution beyond financial assistance and a recommendation on how else the company can accelerate the nonprofit’s initiatives.  

To apply and learn more, visit unfifoundation.org.

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