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Lucidworks Survey Finds Online Shoppers Open To Substitutions

Lucidworks in store sales

San Francisco-based Lucidworks surveyed consumers in the U.S. and U.K. who shop for groceries online. The survey revealed that shoppers are seeing increased “out-of-stock” messages online during the pandemic but are open to purchasing recommended substitutes from online grocery sites and third-party apps.

Relevant recommendations require e-commerce grocers to understand a wide range of consumer preferences including dietary restrictions, price fit and brand loyalties for each individual shopper. The survey report outlines consumer preferences and behaviors around online grocery shopping during the pandemic.

Shoppers stay for recommended substitutes

Respondents said that “out-of-stock” instances have increased both online and in-store during the pandemic. Fifty-eight percent of respondents say that they frequently or at every visit find that a preferred grocery item is unavailable online. Nearly a third of shoppers will stay on the same site or app to look for a substitute if they can’t find the specific item they’re looking for. Roughly 90 percent of shoppers shared at least one grocery item that they would never buy a substitute for based on ingredients, preparation and brand.

Inventory-based notifications win sales

More than half of respondents said that a low-in-stock notification would influence their purchase decision, and 80 percent of those shoppers would be more likely to make the purchase if they were alerted when items were low-in-stock. Intelligent push-based notifications will continue to serve as a powerful tool to keep shoppers loyal and coming back for more. Sixty-six percent of respondents prefer to be notified via email when an item is back in stock and 44 percent of shoppers prefer to receive those notifications via text.

Smarter search guides shoppers to in-stock items

About a quarter of shoppers say that sites are making alternative recommendations every time an item they want is unavailable. Eleven percent of shoppers reported that they rarely see recommendations for substitutes and usually end up on a “no results” page. This means lower average order value and a hit to customer loyalty. Smart search and filtering, relevant recommendations and displaying what’s in-stock – versus “out-of-stock” or “no results” – keep customers clicking into grocers’ online aisles.

The Lucidworks survey was conducted in March and was limited to respondents who shop online for groceries at least once a month. Of the respondents, 402 were located in the U.K. and 401 were located in the U.S. To view the full survey, click here.

Lucidworks connects experiences throughout the entire user journey to meet customer and employee intent in the moment.

For more information, visit Lucidworks.com.

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