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RJW Logistics Group Expands Supply Chain Analytics With Edge Insights

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Woodridge, Illinois-based RJW Logistics Group has launched Edge Insights, an advanced supply chain analytics platform designed to quickly deliver enhanced data that drives better decision-making and total supply chain control.

These technologies expand on the company’s supply chain analytics platform, RJW Edge, to create greater visibility into inventory management and performance analysis.

With demand forecasting and access to critical dashboards, suppliers can make more informed business decisions to optimize inventory costs and quickly analyze product performance. Edge Insights offers customized analytics capabilities, including demand forecasting, item performance, item cost and trends, inventory management optimization, retailer analytics and OTIF. This information is aggregated and delivered through easy-to-understand illustrations and trend graphs to accelerate insights into action.

“The launch of Edge Insights reinforces our ongoing commitment to deliver value quickly, accelerate growth for suppliers delivering to retail and provide our customers with game-changing retail logistics solutions,” said Kevin Williamson, CEO. “With the power of data-driven insights right at your fingertips, we’re enabling our customers to make the right business decisions day-by-day, minute-by-minute.”

RJW Logistics Group Inc. is a retail logistics solutions provider, with a specialized focus on LTL consolidation services designed for consumer-packaged goods suppliers to retailers. RJW’s asset-based transportation, logistics and warehousing provide an attractive value proposition for shippers requiring retail logistics expertise.

For more information, visit the company’s website at rjwgroup.com.

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