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MountainKing Introduces 3-Pound Mesh Bags For Potatoes


Houston, Texas-based MountainKing has introduced new, 3-pound mesh bags of its baby-sized red and gold potatoes designed to generate a higher ring for retail grocers while providing shoppers with a larger, yet still manageable product size for summer cook outs, potato salads and other dishes associated with the season.

“It’s well documented that small potatoes and their 1.5-pound mesh bags have performed extremely well in recent years,” said Andreas Trettin, MountainKing director of marketing. “We certainly see big opportunities with the 3-pound mesh bags.”

He said several grocer chains already are merchandising MountainKing’s baby red and gold potatoes in the new 3-pound mesh bags and the smaller 1.5-pound size. The medley pack is available exclusively in the 1.5-pound size.

In addition to providing full visibility, the mesh bags are known to extend product shelf life, said Trettin. As for their popularity among shoppers, MountainKing surveys show three in four consumers prefer the see-through packaging.

Since coming on the market in 2018, the company’s baby variety has steadily grown in popularity, particularly among younger shoppers seeking high-flavor, bite-sized potatoes that cook up quickly and require no peeling. Sixty percent of shoppers in a MountainKing survey indicate ease of preparation as the top reason they purchase the smaller potatoes.

MountainKing’s emphasis on its pre-sized variety also comes as the fresh potato market faces significant supply challenges among traditional russets, golds and to a lesser extent, red potatoes.

Trettin says the shortages are primarily a result of last year‘s growing conditions, a combination of excessive heat and decreased production in several principal growing areas.

“The good news is the supply and quality of our baby reds and golds are both very positive. It’s all about providing our retail partners with the right products at the right time,” he said.

A merchandising program of high-graphic bins, seasonal recipes and display-ready sleeves are available to support both MountainKing’s 1.5 and 3-pound mesh bags.

To learn more, visit mountainking.com.

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