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Ocean Mist Farms Focuses On Education With Immersive Experiences

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Castroville, California-based Ocean Mist Farms is promoting educational immersive experiences for students, media and influencers as part of the company’s marketing efforts. The company said that experiencing a vegetable harvest firsthand in the field serves to educate and build a brand connection with different audiences.

“Although we share photos and videos on a weekly basis on our social and email channels, nothing takes the place of an immersive field or cooler visit,” said Diana McClean, senior director of marketing of Ocean Mist Farms.

Ocean Mist Farms Focuses On Education With Immersive Experiences

“Our commitment to sharing what is unique about our cultivation practices and giving visitors a chance to harvest an artichoke and speak directly with the grower is a memorable experience that informs each visitors future relationship with Ocean Mist Farms, artichokes and field-fresh vegetables in general.”

Recently, influencers and culinary students have taken to the company’s fields in Castroville to learn about its “Gold Standard of Artichokes” designation and experience both an artichoke and iceberg lettuce harvest. As part of the immersive experience, Ocean Mist Farms provides baskets to have individuals harvest a few artichokes themselves to understand the depth of skill and technique needed to ensure “Gold Standard” artichokes are harvested and delivered to grocery stores. 

“With each of these educational experiences, the role that the Salinas and Castroville growing region plays in California’s agricultural production is elevated and more broadly appreciated,” McClean said.

Ocean Mist Farms is a fourth-generation family-owned business and a grower of fresh artichokes in North America. The company’s line of more than 30 vegetables includes the award-winning Season & Steam and Ocean Mist Organic product lines.

To learn more, visit oceanmist.com

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