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Pure Flavor Unveils First Commercial Greenhouse Grown Melon

Pure Flavor

Leamington, Ontario-based Pure Flavor has launched the produce industry’s first greenhouse grown melons, which will be branded under the Solara name.  

Jamie Moracci, president, said the melons are the result of many years of research and development. While many varieties have undergone product testing since the development process began in 2014, the company honed in on a variety that is scalable production-wise and meets product, brand, retail, foodservice and consumer expectations.

Partnering with Cornell University during the product development process, Pure Flavor’s research and development team was able to gain insights on product and plant health to help maximize yield and flavor. 

“Our product trials told us a great deal. We knew that it had to be something special that we could scale commercially to meet the demand. After eight years, we have launched a unique product that our customers are excited about and will breathe new life into the category,” Moracci said. 

Solara fruits are the first personal-sized, sustainably grown melons from greenhouses that use a balance of light, nutrition and water to deliver tropical flavor, regardless of the season. 

“Roughly 500g in size, the sweetness and personal size of the Solara Melon makes it a great partner with foods like prosciutto, shrimp, basil, mint, pistachios. We are even using the melon as a yogurt and granola snack,” said Matt Mastronardi, EVP. 

The personal-sized melons are available in single and multi-pack formats. The name “Solara” – Latin for “of the sun” – was chosen because it connotes a tropical setting and a “Fresh Taste of Paradise,” the slogan for which Pure Flavor was developed. 

“The consumer-centric brand strategy is simple. It’s the one sitting snack, meal, appetizer, post-work out rehydrator. It’s for me and only me. Fits in the palm of my hand. Up close and personal,” said Chris Veillon, CMO. 

Added Moracci, “The strategic investment in research and development is done to help grow the industry and help increase fresh produce consumption. We are working on more melon varieties and look forward to rolling them out shortly.” 

To learn more, visit pure-flavor.com/solara.

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