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ShineWater Introduces Kid-Friendly Pouch Packaging


Bay City, Michigan-based ShineWater has introduced new ShineWater Pouches that deliver Vitamin D in a kid-friendly format with bright, fruit flavor infusions.

ShineWater Pouches are formulated to include essential nutrients and ingredients with zero grams of added sugar, five milligrams of sodium, one gram of carbohydrates, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, folate and magnesium, based on daily recommended values per each six fluid ounce pouch.

“Vitamin D plays a critical role in the development of healthy bones, supports a healthy immune system and aids in cardiovascular health,” said Allan Stewart, cardiovascular surgeon and ShineWater medical advisor.

“By prioritizing healthy eating and drinking habits at a young age and educating children on different essential nutrients, parents help their children lay the foundation for a healthy adult life. If parents are looking for a beverage they can feel good about giving their children, ShineWater Pouches are a win – they are vitamin infused water with no processed sugar.

Founded by a former FDA physician, ShineWater was developed as a remedy to combat the nationwide issue of vitamin D deficiency, which currently affects more than 40 percent of the U.S. population. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body when exposed to direct sunlight and is found naturally in very few foods, including egg yolks, fatty fish, liver, mushrooms and fortified cereals, the last of which have been declining in popularity in American diets. 

“ShineWater addresses the global health and wellness problem of Vitamin D deficiency while reimagining what a hydration beverage should be with no compromises,” said Larry Long, ShineWater COO. “Our mission has now evolved to bring healthier beverage options to grocery store aisles, tailor made for consumers of all ages. As the only nutrient enhanced water available in a pouch format, ideal for children’s smaller hands, ShineWater Pouches offer nutritional benefits no traditional juice box can.”

Both Strawberry Lemon and Mixed Berry Acai ShineWater Pouches are available at Meijer locations, with more retailers adding the products soon.

For more information, visit shinewater.com.

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