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Holy Perogy! Showcases 4 Frozen Perogy Flavors

Holy Perogy! premium frozen perogies are showcasing its four flavors of perogies. The products are prepared with quality ingredients for U.S. consumers to enjoy its Ukrainian family recipe at home. 

Many consumers find store bought frozen perogies to be doughy and rubbery, the company said. Holy Perogy! is different due to the process by which it’s made and the ingredients included.

The thin dough is packed with freshly cooked mashed potatoes and other real, whole foods prepared using a family recipe. The perogies are made, but not cooked, frozen and packaged in a resealable standup pouch that maintains freshness in the freezer. 

The two-step process for preparing them at home takes minutes and results in authentic flavor and texture. The perogies are made with non-GMO potatoes and have plant-based and vegetarian options available.

The company has several flavors, including Fully Loaded Potato with Cheddar and Bacon, Oh! So Cheesy with Potato and Cheddar, Sizzlin’ Fried Onion with Potato and Kickin’ Jalapeño with Potato and Cheddar.

The company operates a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, that also serves perogies in a broad range of flavors, including a Bacon Pountine, Creamy Truffled Mushroom, Mexican Street Corn and Sausage Bacon Kraut.

Holy Perogy! can be found in the freezer aisle in Northeast retailers and in select Southwest locations.

For more information, visit holyperogy.info.

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