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9 Reasons To Unshackle Yourself From Your Weekly Ad


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1. The weekly ad of today has remained virtually unchanged for decades.

Weekly ads have stood still while customers have become far more sophisticated in their expectations.

2. The weekly ad as it is has no flexibility.

Print ads typically have a two week lead time if not longer. What happens when there is a supply chain issue, a typo, or a price change? Digital ads allow retailers to unshackle themselves from the restraints of print.

Need to change a price? No problem, it can be done instantaneously. Need to add a product? Sure, go ahead. Want to move away from the traditional 7-day run? No reason why you can’t.

3. We are in the age of digital transformation. 

A PDF version of your ad on your website can not be considered digitally transformed, it is still the same form of passive marketing that has been used for years.

4. Digital allows retailers to get creative.

By moving away from print and PDF, the retailer can add animation, video and digital coupons and integrate their ad with e-commerce.

5. Digital demands relevancy.

Consumers use mobile devices more than desktops. Have you ever tried to search your weekly ad PDF on a phone? It’s not a pleasant experience. To make your ad a positive experience, the offers need to be relevant to each shopper through an individually catered version of your ad.

6. Your customers are only one click away from switching stores

They are looking for relevancy and a frictionless shopping experiences. Is your ad supplying that? If they have to search for offers relevant to them, the answer is “no.” Digital gives retailers the option of supercharging their weekly ads by including strategically personalized offers for each shopper using the entire store catalog.

7. Weekly ad circulars foster a product-first philosophy.

The retailer has specific products to sell and hopefully someone that’s interested will see them in the flyer. A personalized digital circular is ideally driven by what is relevant to the individual shopper. Instead of implementing the shotgun approach and praying the right shoppers are reached, the personalized circular reaches every shopper with offers relevant to them.

8. Paper doesn’t tell you anything. 

Are you growing the value of your top shoppers? Are you converting new customers to loyal customers? What is your ROI? Unfortunately, paper can’t tell you that, but digital can. Analytics dashboards bring ROI transparency to your weekly ad.

9. You may already have the data you need to get started.

Grocery retailers have more information about their customers than almost any other retail vertical. This mountain of valuable data is all that is needed to create these personalized circulars with the help of the right service provider.

Birdzi was founded with a vision to make the shopping experience “Smart, Personal and Seamless” for the shopper while empowering retailers and brands to easily and intelligently connect with the shopper at the right time and place with the right message.

For more information, visit birdzi.com.

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