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Current Foods Showcasing Innovations In Alternative Seafood At Show

Current Foods

Current Foods is sampling its marinated plant-based, sushi-grade tuna and will be presenting its sliced smoked salmon June 12-14 at the Summer Fancy Food Show, Level 1, Booth #7541, in New York City. 

The company will also be sharing its vision for the future, which includes a commitment to addressing climate change and overfishing, as well as health matters in its development of alternatives to seafood.

“We need to make changes in the way we eat. Current Foods is not only contributing to a more sustainable food system, but first and foremost, we want to make this journey toward the future of food enjoyable for everyone,” said Jacek Prus, CEO and co-founder.

“Fish populations are severely in decline. Industrial fishing is wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. And climate change is altering global ocean currents, creating even more challenges to the sustainability of seafood as a diet staple. Current Foods is creating ‘the new school of fish’ to secure the seafood flavors we love amid the sea of changes we are facing, without dropping a single fishing net.”

Current Foods does not only want to showcase their sliced smoked salmon to the audience of the Summer Fancy Food Show this year, but also hopes to make new connections.

“We warmly invite other companies to join us on our mission, as we aim to replace at least half of the seafood consumed with plant-based alternatives. This can only be achieved if we all play together. That’s where networks such as the SFA come to play and create immense value: We’re all in the same boat – carried by our oceans,” Prus said.

Learn more about the company by visiting currentfoods.com.

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