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MDI Supports Independent Grocers’ Pricing Needs Through Revionics


Revionics announced that Alex Lee Inc. has renewed its use of Revionics technology to deliver optimal, AI-driven, retail-pricing recommendations for its wholesale distribution business, Merchants Distributors.

Based in Hickory, North Carolina, and founded in 1931, MDI supports independent grocers in the U.S. with expertise, infrastructure and scale, so that those grocers can thrive and grow. With an assortment of more than 40,000 food and nonfood items, MDI supplies 600 grocery stores in 12 states and exports a variety of products to retailers and distributors operating in 36 countries.

“With Revionics’ AI-powered pricing platform, MDI enables grocers to create dynamic and forward-looking pricing strategies that can boost shopper loyalty and drive more profitable growth in their local markets,” said Nick Carlino, EVP of sales and merchandising at MDI.

“When grocers choose to partner with MDI, they know we are committed to evolving to meet their needs and will help them remain competitive for generations to come.”

MDI has a long partnership with Revionics that began in 2007. With its adoption of Revionics technology, specifically the Base Price Optimization solution, MDI can offer price optimization as a service to its customer base. 

“Over the course of our relationship with Revionics, we’ve overachieved in terms of bottom-line gains and top-line sales that we’ve generated from our investment in the software,” Carlino said.

“The team at Revionics are retail pricing experts. The science works, the results are consistent, and their team, like ours, keeps its finger on the pulse of retail. We are extremely satisfied with our Revionics partnership.”

As MDI looks to future expansion, the distributor will continue to invest in modern, data-driven technologies that allow its business to quickly adapt to shifting market conditions.

“After more than 90 years in operation, MDI maintains an entrepreneurial spirit and relentless commitment to innovation,” said Scott Zucker, general manager at Revionics, an Aptos company.

“Using Revionics, MDI supports its clients to develop more surgically focused KVIs, deliver stronger customer-focused pricing, and win in an ever-competitive marketplace. We are proud to work with this growing and thriving client for 15 years and counting.”

For more information, visit mdi.com or revionics.com.

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