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Ziploc Releases All-In-One ‘Endurables’ Product Line

Brooke Williamson

Racine, Wisconsin-based Ziploc has released an all-in-one kitchen tool that can be used to prep, cook and store.

Made with durable and reusable platinum silicone, Ziploc Endurables can be reused. It doesn’t crack or break under extreme temperatures in a variety of uses, such as boiling, steaming, microwavable, frozen or baked up to 425°F.

With five different sizes, Endurables offer a range of meal prep solutions that have the potential to change how consumers cook and embrace the concept that dinnertime looks different for everyone. From sous vide steak to ravioli for one, the reusable pouches and containers offer versatility, durability and convenience.

Ziploc has teamed up with Brooke Williamson, restaurateur and Top Chef winner, to provide a simple recipe using Endurables.

“As a working parent, the last thing I want to deal with when I get home from a long day is a sink full of dishes. Cooking should feel rewarding, not an additional life stressor,” Williamson said.

“Endurables can be used in so many ways, but being able to use them in the oven is one of my favorite features. These oven-safe bags allow me to easily meal prep at the beginning of the week by throwing together my go-to meal in the freezer – steamed white fish with olive oil and fresh tomatoes – when I am ready to eat, I can simply just pop the whole bag in the oven and enjoy with minimal cleanup.”

Ziploc Endurables are available to purchase in-stores and online through major retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, Target and Amazon.

For a complete list of store availability as well as more information on new products and recipes, visit Ziploc.com.

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