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Birdzi Levels ‘Personalization’ Playing Field For Independents


The personal touch means a lot. And while larger grocers often have teams of people dedicated to the data engineering and data science required to achieve one-to-one personalization, independent grocers don’t have that luxury, according to Shekar Raman, co-founder and CEO of Birdzi.

Shekar Raman

Raman’s company levels the personalization playing field for independent grocers. 

“Birdzi offers grocers a sophisticated, easy-to-use customer intelligence platform that empowers them to gain deeper insights into shopper behavior and deliver personalized promotions using our 150 years of combined experience in data, AI and grocery to make data work for them across their organization,” he said. 

Raman added that Birdzi’s AI engine “ingests purchase history, loyalty data, digital interactions, third-party data and product data to create complex customer profiles. These profiles can then be used to generate personalized offers called KIC scores, which measure shoppers’ growth and value, VISPER campaigns and analytics dashboards.”

Birdzi’s KIC score is similar to the banking industry’s FICO score and measures the individual shopper’s value to the retailer.

“Our AI engine ingests data points like price sensitivity, spend behavior, breadth of purchase, frequency of purchase and basket items and provides a score for every shopper that can inform decisions across the organization,” Raman said.

This information allows the retailer to see how customers are growing over time, how individual stores are doing in terms of customer growth and when top customers are in the stores.

“Our KIC scores are also used by our AI engine to create strategic personalization campaigns called VISPER campaigns,” Raman said. “These stealth, light-touch campaigns start with the customer and end with offers that will grow that specific customer.”

The retailer defines the audience and the platform determines the best approach to grow each customer based on KIC scores and then generates offer recommendations from the store catalog.

“This is personalized pricing at its best and the 10 times ROI generated by these campaigns is evidence that it works,” Raman said.

“We also provide our retailers with customizable analytics dashboards that allow them to track acquisition and retention metrics, segment customers and track campaign results in real time. We take disparate data and make it actionable.”

Birdzi got its start as a product location company. It then evolved into an in-store shopping experience platform.

Based on feedback and needs from its retail partners, the company transformed into a customer intelligence platform that delivers insights into shopper behavior for the retailers and smarter, more relevant promotions to shoppers, Raman said. “We have grown with our retailers and the rising customer expectation for personalization.”

As a result of that growth, grocers using Birdzi have seen increased digital engagement, which has led to more loyal shoppers and greater ROI on marketing spend, Raman said. “Personalization campaigns like VISPER have supercharged the customer experience by delivering true one-to-one personalization.”

For more information, visit birdzi.com.

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